About Lecico

Lecico is a leading producer of export quality sanitary ware in middle east and one of the largest tile producers in egypt and lebanon, with over 50 years of history in the industry and decades of experience as an exporter to the United Kingdom and other developed markets. We invite you to experience Lecico world of exceptional quality creative design and committed customer service across our product range of sanitary ware and ceramic tiles. In 2004 Lecico completed Egypt first dual local and GRD offering and is now trated on both the London and Egyptian stock exchanges.


  1. Innovative design and variety
  2. Quality in both appearance & function
  3. Continuous improvement
  4. Customer services commitment
  5. Affordability


Our high vitreous china sanitary ware is manufactured in compliance with lebanese standard NL 20-2010 specification of quality of vitreous china appliance,BSI,FECS federation européene des fabricants de céramiques sanitaires and AFNOR association francaise de normalisation(NF MARK).

  • Lecico has also been certified by KIWA & ISO 9001-2015.
  • An internal audit is performed every six months to ensure an effective quality assurance system.